Each year the Mississippi Mudds is grateful to accept financial assistance to help the MUDDS continue to produce great family theatre for our community. 

Donations can be made in your name, anonymously, or in honour of another.

For more information regarding the Patron program, or to find out how to become a patron, continue reading


About the Mississippi Mudds Patron Program


The Mississippi Mudds of Carleton Place, Inc., has come up with a plan that will guarantee the continuation of top quality theatre in our beloved Town Hall at affordable prices for all.

Our audience has become accustomed to bigger and better every year ... bigger casts, bigger sets, better costumes, better lighting, better sound ... the list goes on.

This comes at a cost that also grows bigger every year. 'Back in the day' we'd put on shows to raise money. Today, we have to raise money to put on shows! That's just reality.

We are so very thankful for community businesses that agree to 'sponsor' us season by season and even this is a tribute to our hard working publicity team that searches out these wonderful ambassadors of the arts every year.

 Now, we are offering an opportunity for individuals to become PATRONS OF THE MUDDS - You can make a donation by clicking on the button above, or DOWNLOAD THE FORM HERE to send in a donation by mail.


Your name will appear on a special 'patronage' page in every program for the season, as well as on the website.

We have taken the acronym MUDDS - music, Dance, Drama and Stage and created a PATRONAGE PLAN for all

Choose your own comfort level

  • A gift of $20.00 to $49.00 makes you a PATRON OF THE MUSIC
  • A gift of $50.00 to $99.00 makes you a PATRON OF THE DANCE
  • A gift of $100.00 to $149.00 makes you a PATRON OF THE DRAMA
  • A gift of $150.00 to $499.00 makes you a PATRON OF THE STAGE
  • Any gift over $500.00 makes you one of our PATRON 'SAINTS'


If you prefer, you can make a gift either anonymously, in memory of someone or in honour of someone; the choice is yours.

For more information on how to become part of the PATRONAGE PLAN just write to Karen Lapointe c/o MISSISSIPPI MUDDS at Box 224, Carleton Place, K7C 3P3 or contact the Mississippi Mudds by email.